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Welcome Friends

South Georgia Miniature Pigs is a private, family owned farm who specializes in breeding quality Juliana Miniature Pigs. We are reputable Juliana Miniature Pig Association (JPAR) registered breeders. You can find us located in the Breeder Directory page of the Juliana Miniature Pig Association Registry:

We are very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate breeders as we have raised miniature pigs for many years. We pride ourselves on raising quality, healthy and happy pet miniature pigs. 

Here at South Georgia Miniature Pigs we believe that pigs truly make the best family pets! We also agree that pig ownership is not for everyone. We strongly encourage and recommend that you are responsible and do your research of miniature pig ownership and check your local ordinances and zoning laws before making the decision to commit to one of these beautiful, intelligent and amazing animals. 

As JPAR breeder members, we agree to raise and own pigs in an ethical manner by following the Code of Ethics detailed in this link:


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